Structural consolidation

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By structural consolidation we mean all interventions aimed at restoring a structure following the damage and subsidence to which a building may be subject during its life; consolidation interventions aimed at the seismic improvement of the structures have recently begun to multiply. It includes the set of techniques and operations aimed at strengthening a structure: a list of characteristics related to structural consolidation should include non-harmfulness, effectiveness, compatibility, durability, reduced invasiveness, specificity and reversibility, but also elegance, sensitivity and good taste.

Specifically, at Cores4n s.r.l. we carry out interventions of:

  • Cuci-scuci aimed at restoring wall continuity along the crack lines and restoring deteriorated parts of the masonry
  • Injection of binding mixtures to improve the mechanical characteristics of the masonry
  • Plating of masonry if severely damaged and inconsistent
  • Chaining of different types: tie-rods, armed perforation, execution of curbs at the top, chains on arches and vaults