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We from CORES4N s.r.l., have developed our business by allocating part of our resources to the scientific research and the creation of new best practices.

Thanks to this vision we have been able to establish collaborations with various universities and we participate in projects and applications of significant scientific value to define new possible conservation paths for Cultural Heritage.

Therefore, thanks to the skills of our authorized staff and to the consolidation of university collaborations, able to offer instruments and scientific know-how of a higher level, we can offer multiple services dedicated to the Conservation of Cultural Heritage.

Surveys and documentation

The need to develop graphic tables on which report the acquired data is our operating philosophy to manage the flow of information that will subsequently orient the range of preliminary investigations that we want to implement and to create the possibility of a comparison between the points investigated, evaluate any correlations and finally provide useful indications for the interventions to be carried out.

Non-destructive surveys

Cores4n s.r.l. can apply various non-invasive measurement techniques for diagnostics and assessment of the state of conservation of painted surfaces. The diagnostic techniques that can be made available (also thanks to the collaboration with research institutes) are based on different physical principles and allow to detect, in a non-destructive way, delaminations, detachments, cavities, cavities, hidden structures, cold spots, rising damp , treatments, restorations, modifications and additions.

Laboratory tests

Cores4n s.r.l. is able to independently perform part of the necessary diagnostics by having its own laboratory. For the analysis in situ and during construction, it has adequate portable instrumentation that allows the observation of surfaces, the collection of high-magnification digital microscopy images, both in reflected white light and in UV. Additional portable instrumentation available consists of a Flir thermal imaging camera, fiber optic endoscope, UV lamps, salinometers, hygrometers and various digital photographic equipment.


Training and services for companies

Language courses and linguistic mediation:

  • Exhibitions
  • Interpreting
  • Translations

Consulting and mediation services between foreign and Italian companies.

Handling and special packagings

Surveys and archaeological excavation