Villa Sormani

Mariano Comense
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Restoration works and refunctionalization of Villa Sormani as an artistic and cultural hub

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčintervention is that relating to the context of Villa Sormani, a building dating back to 1600. All the external facades present a mediocre level of conservation, due to the lack of adequate maintenance operations. The entire building also presents rising damp problems exacerbated by the cement base covering the entire perimeter of the building. The structure of the shutters presents swellings and disconnections caused by exposure to atmospheric agents which prevent their correct functioning. Traces of the aggression of xylophagous insects, both previous and active, have also been identified. The design idea was born from the need to redevelop and preserve the building, through interventions that maintain its integrity and are aimed at preserving the original materials used. The intervention is part of the settlement context of a pre-existing building, in which the construction aims to make part of the internal spaces of the Villa accessible to the public again.