Santuario Beata Vergine dei Miracoli

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Restoration of the lateral aisles

The foundation of the church is attributed to S. Antonio da Padova, who in 1230 passed through Saronno to go to Varese. The cycle of frescoes was commissioned by Maderna to Ambrogio Legnani in 1678, where Stefano Legnani, known as Legnanino, Bellotti, Lanzani, Bianchi and the brothers Giovanni Pietro and Aurelio Luini later worked on it.

The frescoes that decorate the side chapels had to undergo restoration work which was necessary to safeguard them from the high humidity that seriously threatened their existence.

For their conservation, the restoration intervention therefore had to pose the problem of removing the saline efflorescence and then continuing with the work of consolidating the frescoes, both with bandages and with the actual consolidation. The re-adhesion of the painted plasters to the underlying plasters was obtained through the execution of in-depth injections. Subsequently it was possible to proceed with both dry and compress cleaning of the painted surfaces. At the end of the restoration work, the pictorial integration was carried out through the use of mineral pigments, bound with calcium caseinate; as regards the sfondati, these were treated with watercolor in a mimetic way, while as regards the figurative parts the rigatino method was used.