Ex Case Arborio Biamino e Bonetti (Condominio dell'Angelo)

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Restoration works on the noble façade

The prospectus is characterized basically by the compresence of plaster and terracotta, from which the decorative bas-reliefs are composed. In agreement with the officials of the competent Superintendences of Piedmont, it has been decided to preserve and integrate the wall paintings on the front with a view to Piazza Cavour, as a decoration on all the windows and as a string course between the second and third floor (not existing in the original project but the result of a subsequent elevation). This would have conferred a uniform reading of the front on Piazza Cavour, in a look that could most likely have been the one the building had in the 19th century; on Via Gioberti, instead, it was decided to favour the reading of graffiti dating back to the 15th century, removing the superimposed 19th century plasters.