Chiesa di San Vittore

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Restoration and conservative restoration works of the facades of che Chiesa di San Vittore

The Chiesa di San Vittore has undergone important restoration interventions in the last decade, however, the lack of use of the building hall has meant a tightening of the thermoigrometric conditions of the environment, with the emergence of widespread phenomena of humidity both inside the building and in the facade. In addition to the internal problems were evident phenomena of rise with the consequent pathologies of degradation also on the facade, where were evident detachments, gaps, efflorescences and were now readable the various pictorial layers of the last years, which present themselves as covering films the original support. The intervention aims to return the primal aspect of the facade by making a surface removal of the facade. We also intervened on the side chapel so that it also constituted an element of re-reading of the overall image that the church possessed: it had never been the object of intervention and, although in extremely degraded conditions, still presented points where it was possible to identify lacerations of color and what remained of frescoes of the vault.