Castello Sforzesco

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Restoration of the plasters, the wall paintings and the decorative apparatus of the male of the Castello Sforzesco

The structure of the Maschio stands at a first defensive fortification which, through various transformations and adjustments between the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 14th century, became the noble seat of the Visconti and later of the Sforza. From 1800 the castle underwent substantial modifications due to military needs until 1980 when, after about a decade of neglect, the first restoration works began.

All the restoration operations have been aimed at achieving the following objectives: to stop the degradation phenomena found within the architectural artifact; to store, where possible, existing materials which were not subject to irreversible degradation, or which did not have non-recoverable functional deficits; to restore the image of the male by reintegrating the original chromatisms; to bring back to light the decorative apparatus present in the different rooms.