Palazzo Comunale

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Restoration and conservative restoration works on the esteriors of the Palazzo Comunale, facing piazza del Popolo and via Tilli

The restoration work has interested the central body of the building of the architectural complex that constitutes the town hall. Based on the disposable data and a mainly visual analysis of the state of conservation, the following works have been made: cleaning with removal of the added parts, restoration of the exterior plaster, remaking of the basement of the two fronts, revisionof the covering overhang eaves, maintenance of the drainpipes, the gutter and the tinwork, removal of the public lighting electric system, restoration of the sandstone surfaces of the window frames and of the entrance door, restoration of the marble tombstones put on the facade overlooking Piazza del Popolo, restoration of the wooden shutters of the windows and of the entrance door, restoration of the gratings and of other metal elements present on the fronts, restoration of the bell structure of the clock, colouring of the smooth plaster, colouring of the basement of the two fronts, installation of projectors specific for the night illumination of the fronts.