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Conservative restoration and restoration of the Broletto's facades

The works required a pre-consolidation intervention of part of the stone surface that was affected by exfoliation and decohesive phenomena. The treatment was performed with nebulization and / or brush applications through the interposition of Japanese paper.

Before cleaning, some areas particularly infested by biological attacks were subjected to a first biocide treatment which was repeated a second time after cleaning.

The cleaning of the surfaces was carried out with demineralized water spray. Some particularly encrusted and tenacious areas required a fine sandblasting finish. At the same time the soluble salts were removed using compresses.

The seals between the segments which due to their nature (concrete) or their state of conservation no longer fulfilled their function have been eliminated and replaced. In this phase, the extraneous metal elements (nails and pins) were also eliminated and those belonging to the architectural structure (keys and tie rods) were treated and passivated. The areas that required it were consolidated below, through the application of RC70 to rejection and finally the final protective treatment was carried out with the application of Silirain by spraying at low pressure.