Abbazia di Chiaravalle Milanese

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Torre Nolare, restoration and static and seismic consolidation

On the occasion of the eight hundred years since the episcopal consecration of the Abbazia (on 2 May 1221), the “Ciribiciaccola” decided to endow itself with a new internal armor that will safeguard it from calamitous events, including seismic events. The innovative project of consolidation and restoration has been developed according to an articulate process that has foreseen: a first phase of knowledge of the factory body, achieved through an in-depth diagnostic and important campaign, followed by a second phase of verification of static and seismic vulnerability and numerical modelling and a final phase of drafting of the project, for which a non-invasive and respectful intervention of the historical good was envisaged. A consolidation intervention was necessary to improve the overall structural behaviour of the masonry stem, through an internal structure in steel cables, which not only allows to carry out the consolidation work quickly, but also to facilitate its installation in spaces difficult to reach, given the height of the Torre Nolare that exceeds 52 meters.